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Recognition Training for Managers

  4 Modules  ·    16 minutes

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Training Overview

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Gratitude is a universal language. It's amazing how people light up when you share your sincere appreciation. That's why recognition is one of the most powerful management tools available. It's a low-cost/high-impact solution to increase both happiness and engagement at work.

In this training, we'll dive into recognition best practices — from when to give recognition, exactly what to say (and avoid). By the end, you'll understand how to give meaningful recognition. A kind of praise that energizes and motivates people, not only for each individual employee but your entire team as well.


Module 1

Getting in the Recognition Habit

You'll know how often you should be recognizing employees, as well as build an action plan to remember to give timely recognition.

Module 2

Reasons to Give Employees Recognition

You’ll understand which actions or achievements warrant recognition from a manager.

Module 3

The Secret Sauce of Powerful Recognition

You’ll know exactly what a strong and effective recognition message looks like, and how to find the right words to make your recognition message impactful.

Module 4

When Recognition Lacks Impact

You’ll learn common mistakes managers make that result in recognition lacking impact, as well as tips to avoid common recognition pitfalls.

Meet Your Coach: Michelle!

Michelle Cadieux is the lead content writer at Applauz. She has a Psychology background and loves to read and write about human happiness, motivation and decision-making.


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